Leaving Texas . Fourth day of July
Sun so hot, clouds so low, The eagles filled the sky

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There is much to say about the song. The Annotated “Jack Straw” gives all the details.


The thirties in Texas, a collection of memoirs of life in Texas in the depression era.

In the 1930s, Texas’ poor struggled to adjust to rapidly increasing unemployment and homelessness plus the emotional scares that lasted long after the economy recovered.

These photos were found with a number of Texas Centennial Exposition photos; by thisassociation, they are believed to be from the Texas area around Dallas.

Unidentified Child during the Great Depression, San Antonio, Texas, 1930s.

In the summer of 1932, in the midst of the Great Depression, … from North Dakota to Texas, …
Civil War was the great international cause of the 1930s.

History of Abilene,Texas Adapted from The Handbook of Texas Online: Abilene  is in the northeast corner of Taylor County. It is situated 1,708 feet above sea level.

Leaving Texas Home

Photo: Overview El Paso ( TX ) looking south.

I’ve never sought success in order to get fame and money;
it’s the talent and the passion that count in success.

— Ingrid Bergman (August 29, 1915 – August 29, 1982)

“I’ve got a feeling for home / Somewhere that I call my own”
—   ( Working On The Road –  Ten Years After / Alvin Lee )


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